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We are now an official Authorised vendor of Nia Body Kits!

We are now an official Authorised vendor of Nia Body Kits!

We are proud to annouce we are now an official authorised vendor of Nia Body Kits!

NIA Body Kits apart is our commitment to seamless installation. Each kit is crafted to utilize the vehicle's factory bolts and mounting points, making the installation process hassle-free and ensuring a perfect fit, and with the extra reinforcements you can ensure a strong piece of art that's designed to be driven.

The attention to detail is evident as all kits are finished by hand, leaving no room for imperfections. Furthermore, NIA Body Kits offers the convenience of pre-drilled mounting holes, includes all the necessary hardware, and with a full library of installation videos you can complete the installation with simple hand tools in just minutes.

With the added option of having the kits painted in any OEM factory color, NIA Body Kits caters to car enthusiasts who seek a sporty look without going over the top. Their guarantee of a precise fit provides peace of mind, and the ability to avoid costly trips to a body shop for painting and installation makes NIA Body Kits the ideal choice for busy individuals who still want to enhance the aesthetics of their vehicle.

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